CapacityFlux Systems Inc.

Sales Strategy

Do you understand your value proposition? Do you understand your customer? How does your customer differentiate your solution from that of your competitors? A well-executed sales strategy can make the difference between a good year and an excellent one.

CapacityFlux combs through your sales and customer data to identify opportunities and streamline your customer engagements. We then align your sales activity to generate higher returns and more satisfying customer experiences. We empower and motivate your sales team to perform to the best of its ability, delivering on the company’s sales objectives while adding depth and confidence to their skillset. CapacityFlux focuses on:

Systems + Process
Review and update your sales systems and process to ensure each member of the sales team has the tools they require to be efficient and effective in their role.

Ensure each sales team member has the confidence to use the tools at their disposal to excel in their role and build a bigger book of business.

Work with sales team, both individually and as a group, to create a high-performance crew of brand champions and subject matter experts.

Services include trend analysis, sales reporting, forecasting, lead development, training and coaching and 1:1 management of in-house and remote teams.

Other Services: Customer Targeting and Technology Services