Sales Metrics and AI

If used effectively, Sales Metrics can be massively important indicators of what’s happening in your pipeline and with your team. Knowing what to measure is as critical as knowing how to apply the insight your sales metrics provide. CapacityFlux works with company executives and sales managers to develop, test and measure sales metrics that matter.

If you are interested in Sales AI then CapacityFlux is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of AI-powered sales tools. We believe the ‘A’ in AI stands for ‘Assisted‘ rather than ‘Artificial‘ and we believe Assisted Intelligence is the future of sales. Use AI to identify and classify opportunities, providing your team with predictive indicators on which deals are more likely to convert.

We build workflows to guide the implementation of bots (chat and Facebook). We develop comprehensive data-derived customer personas, including predictive indicators, which translates to more effective qualifying and support of prospects through the buyer’s journey. Finally, we help you organize the resulting data into easy-to-follow KPIs and analytics reports.