Sales Management by CapacityFlux

Grow Sales Pipeline and Increase Conversion with CapacityFlux

Outsourced Sales Management, Sales Metrics and Sales Enablement

CapacityFlux helps companies increase revenue by making their customer-facing teams more effective by delivering functional sales training and sales management practices. We specialize the development and monitoring of effective sales metrics, training and implementation of Sales Enablement best practices. We also offer Sales CRM training and systems configuration, notably Pipedrive, as well as the configuration and integration of Sales AI tools, which results in more qualified leads and more predictable sales revenue.

Quickly build out your business capacity by outsourcing your sales management requirements with CapacityFlux. Our team provides benchmarking, trends analysis, forecasting, 1:1 sales rep management, sales best-practice training and coaching—all designed to increase your sales pipeline and improve conversion.